About Me

About Me

I'm Jeremy Paddison, aka Paddo. I'm a Software Engineer currently based in Brisbane, Australia.

I've been writing code since the 80s, starting on Commodore VIC-20. I worked my way up through the ranks: C64, Amiga, Amstrad and PC on many flavours of BASIC with some C and Assembler thrown in. I still have fond memories of AMOS on Amiga.

I have experience in a variety of programming languages, platforms and across all scales. I'm not terrible at UI/UX and computer graphics. A large part of my career has been spent doing "Enterprisey" .NET full-stack architecture. I've been actively building startups and startup product teams since 2010.

I believe in clean, simple, easy to maintain code and "automation of all the things".

Stuff I'm doing currently

Flutter, dart, angular, svelte, react, .net, node, go, firebase / GCP, azure, docker, microservices, serverless, AI. Who am I kidding? I just loller-skates all day on ChatGPT and pump out code like a boss.

In 2013 I was named Top Technologist by Startup Daily.


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